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Deborah C., Customer Service and Distribution Manager I started working with Kathy in 2001 at the recommendation of a mutual acquaintance. As a new resident of South Florida I needed assistance in my career search. Kathy was instrumental in assisting me develop a professional resume, guiding me to find the appropriate recruiters and channels of opportunity, steering me to areas of interest, and networking me through various associations. My background was that of an executive. I had worked for one company for a long time, which I later realized, was an impediment to my career search. This was because I thought my experience alone would make it easy for me to find a career. I initially thought, “Who wouldn’t want to hire me”? This thought was not correct. The key is to know how to get people interested in you and to be confident. This again is where Kathy came in. She not only helped me with the preliminary methods to start the career search, but she also helped me in defining strategies, which gave me the confidence to present myself with clarity. After working with Kathy I found a comparable position with a great company. Thanks Kathy I could not have succeeded without you.

Ilene A., University Professor Thank you for all the help and encouragement you’ve provided. You are wonderful!! Kathy's professional demure is both reassuring during a stressful job search period, and a model for success in the job market.

Gale C., Technical & Financial Analyst Thank you for helping me to expand my job search horizons, as well as craft a new resume. Your objective approach was just what I needed to get out of my self-made rut! You certainly have a great talent.

Phyllis G, Bookeeper Gosh, I’m so excited! The interview went really well, 3 hours long. The president, comptroller and executive assistant interviewed me. Took a word test, something called DISC, 28 questions with 4 words that you pick as describes you "most" best and "least". After I took it, they came back in and asked me to come back on Monday at 9:00 to take another test. I believe this one is to see if I'll fit in with the company, very promising position and they like many of my ideas. Oh, practice made perfect on my commercial. I didn’t even stutter or use the word "um". You would have been proud of me. Mr. English towards the end of my interview asked if I had any questions for him, and I pulled out your form and improvised some of the questions. He was surprised to see I was set-up not only for the interview, but also researched his company and where they are going in the future. I really owe you for helping get to the point I'm at! Thank you. [Note she landed the job!]

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