< How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search Table of Contents

by Jim Stokely and Kathy Shabotynskyj

Published by Burnett, Cole and Irving, Hamilton, MA

Table of Contents


Month One: REST and PREP

Step One: REST

Chapter One: R is for REFLECTION

Chapter Two: E is for EDUCATION

Chapter Three: S is for SCHEDULE

Chapter Four: T is for TOGETHERNESS

Step Two: PREP

Chapter Five: P is for PURPOSE

Chapter Six: R is for RESUME

Chapter Seven: E is for EQUIPMENT

Chapter Eight: P is for PERSONAL REFERENCES

Month Two: SHARE and HUNT

Step Three: SHARE

Chapter Nine: S is for SOCIAL NETWORKING

Chapter Ten: H is for HEALTH and HAPPINESS

Chapter Eleven: A is for the ABC’s of the INFORMATION MEETING


Chapter Thirteen: E is for ETIQUETTE

Step Four: HUNT

Chapter Fourteen: H is for HEADHUNTERS

Chapter Fifteen: U is for UNLOCKING the WANT ADS

Chapter Sixteen: N is for NETWORKING

Chapter Seventeen: T is for TARGETED EMPLOYERS

Month Three and Step Five : FIND

Chapter Eighteen: F is for FOCUS

Chapter Nineteen: I is for INTERVIEW

Chapter Twenty: N is for NEGOTIATE

Chapter Twenty-One: D is for DECIDE


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